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To our community and customers,

We here at Portland Automotive wanted to update you to let you know we are still open and working. We also would like to inform you on what we are doing to assure the safety of our staff and customers. Per CDC guidelines, we have always made sure our shop was clean and sanitized but now more than ever we are ramping up our procedures. We have implemented sanitization protocols with logs so that our staff is constantly disinfecting our front office, all technician tools, as well as customer and company vehicles. On top of all the shop protocols we are offering sanitizing and disinfecting services. Our shop is equipped to deep clean your air conditioning system to maximize air quality in your vehicle. We will also be cleaning every customer and company vehicle with an Ozone machine that will sanitize the car interiors for the safety of our staff and customers.

Here is a list of all our cleaning procedures:

For our Front Office we will have a signed date and time ledger of each cleaning. All points of customer contact including interior and exterior doors and handles will be disinfected after each customer. All chairs and armrests will be disinfected after each customer. All tabletops and credit card machines will be disinfected after each customer. All keyboards, mouses, phones, and office supplies will be sanitized after each customer. All keys will be disinfected before and after work is done. If any customer may need assistance getting to and from their vehicle, we will always have someone available to do so.

Our Shop Technicians will be wearing gloves at all times throughout any job performed and will follow CDC handwashing guidelines after each job is complete before putting on a fresh pair of gloves. Technicians will wipe down all tools after each job is completed. Technicians will also be disinfecting the front interior of each customer vehicle including steering wheel, dashboard, console knobs and buttons, shifter, handlebrake (if applicable), and all interior and exterior door handles.

For our Loaner Cars, our team will be disinfecting the interior after each use and we will be keeping track with a signed and dated time ledger. We are dedicated to making sure our customers are as safe as possible when entering our shop and using our loaner cars. Every loaner car will be sprayed with disinfectant after every use and all door handles (interior and exterior), dashboards, steering wheels, shifters, Consoles (buttons and knobs), Seat belt buckles, Handlebrakes (if applicable), and arm rests will be sanitized and wiped down.

As a reminder we have always offered and will continue to offer pick up and drop off of your vehicle. We are always ready to send a clean staff member to pick up your vehicle and we will follow all implemented cleaning protocols to ensure safety to you and our staff. If you need any services please let us know and we will come to your home to get your vehicle.

We are doing everything we can to assist our customers during this difficult time. We will accommodate all requests for contactless pick up and drop off and minimize contact to customers visiting our shop. Please be advised we have a drop box for keys that is always available for use and we can pick you up and drop you off in our freshly cleaned and sanitized company cars.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.