Tire balancing is an important part of vehicle health and safety. Today’s tires are much lower profile than they used to be. Minor problems can be amplified and transmitted into the car which means you can feel it more whether that be a shaking, vibrating, or even drifting while driving. Keeping your tires in top condition is crucial to a safe and smooth ride.

What is Road Force Balancing?

Portland Automotive’s new Road force balancing takes 1200 lbs of pressure simulating your vehicle rolling down the road. The computer will sense any issue that would prevent the tire from rolling smoothly. This gives us a road force reading that will let us take measurements. From that we can match mounting which means we can take the high spot of the tire and match to the low point of the wheel in simple terms. We will be able to get your tires in better condition so that your car rides smoother.

Why We Recommend Road Force Balancing?

In simple terms, road force balancing gives us higher performance, fast and accurate measuring & centering, quick thread servo mount, and it is faster and more accurate than a standard balancer. It can be argued that all drivers can benefit from road force balancing because it is always helpful to “test drive” the tires before the vehicle gets on the road. Road force balancing enables the technician to resolve potential vibrations proactively.

It should also be noted that car manufacturers have been using road force wheel balancers for decades because even the best tires are not perfect. It’s done at the factory on every tire/wheel assembly to create that ever so important new car ride. Road Force balancing is a great option when a customer complains about experiencing annoying vibration at highway speeds or a continuous shimmy in their steering wheel – especially after multiple attempts to correct the problem by tire/wheel rebalancing.

Benefits of the Road Force Balancer include:

  • Solving wheel vibration due to tire and rim runout and wheel-mounting error
  • Quick troubleshooting and solutions so you don’t have to wait in the shop for long periods of time
  • Identifying vehicle pull or drift problems (you may notice your vehicle veering if you momentarily take your hands of the wheel while driving in a straight line)
  • Noticeable improvement in driving quality and handling