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ADAS Services in Portland, CT

ADAS Services in Portland, CT - Portland Automotive

What is ADAS?

ADAS is an acronym for “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems”. These systems offer drivers more control over their vehicles and provide them with more information about their immediate surroundings to help aid them while they’re parking and driving. ADAS includes everything from rear cross-traffic sensors to adaptive cruise control and come standard in most newer cars, trucks, and SUVs. ADAS technology is constantly evolving in order to help improve vehicle safety and assist drivers with things like monitoring blind spots and pulling into tight parking spaces. Properly adjusting these systems requires technology and training that many shops choose not to acquire due to the extra costs and hassle associated with ADAS calibration equipment. We offer pick up and drop off.


ADAS Services - Portland Automotive

Do I have ADAS in my vehicle?

It is important to know if your vehicle has ADAS because it helps improve road safety and may put you at risk if any of those systems are tied to the windshield should it need repair or replacing. If your windshield is damaged and needs replacement, be sure to check with the original manufacturer for which ADAS systems are tied to the windshield so that you have these systems reinstalled and recalibrated. The windshield is an important part of the array of interlinked safety systems of your vehicle too and should be repaired or replaced immediately, but the auxiliary safety systems play an equal part in keeping the driver and passengers safe as well.


Blind spot warning light

On your side view mirror, you may see a blind spot warning light alerting you of a vehicle or other obstruction when you begin to signal a turn. The blind spot monitor detects other vehicles to help you avoid collision as you shift lanes on an interstate or back out of a parking space. 

Radar system

A car radar system detects traffic issues that you may not be fully alert to. These include:

  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Cross traffic interference at intersections

The radar is designed to keep you safe while behind the wheel.

Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure & Adaptive Cruise Control

For your safety, the collision avoidance systems are put in place to decrease the amount of avoidable crashes. From rear and forward collision warnings that bring your vehicle to a halt to lane departure warnings that help you stay in your lane, the goal of these ADAS is to minimize accidents. On-board sensors assist with adaptive cruise control that help you maintain a safe following distance by automatically adjusting your cruising speed.


What We Do 

Standard services such as windshield or bumper replacement are a common reason to make sure your system is calibrated properly. The ADAS system can also be thrown off from being involved in a collision, having to get body repairs done to a vehicle in areas that sensors are placed, getting a vehicle painted, or even by replacing various parts on a vehicle that require moving an area that is close to sensors and cameras. 


When replacing the air conditioning compressor on some vehicles you are required to remove the bumper which can contain a sensor used for the Advanced Driver Assistance System. Whenever any of these procedures are performed it is important to make sure the advanced driver assistance system is properly calibrated after. Here at Portland Automotive, we are able to perform ADAS calibration on all makes and models including Asian, European, and Domestic vehicles. Ask about our pick up and delivery service to make your experience with us even more convenient!


  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)  
  • Automatic braking system (ABS) 
  • Automatic parking
  • Blind spot monitors 
  • Driver drowsiness detection
  • Collision avoidance system
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane keep assist
  • Lane departure warning
  • Pre and Post Scan
  • All around view camera calibration
  • Windshield replacement calibration 
ADAS Services - Portland Automotive
ADAS Services - Portland Automotive
ADAS Services - Portland Automotive
ADAS Services - Portland Automotive