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Keys and FOBs at Portland Automotive

Our shop is equipped with key programming and cutting for any vehicle keys or fobs. Our staff has been training so we are prepared to serve any customer's needs. Only have one key? Get a spare for peace of mind. 

Quality and trusted key cutting and programming

Every so often, a shop may need to replace or reprogram a module that involves a vehicle’s security systems. Until now, the only way to do that was through specialists or a dealership. There might be 25 percent of U.S. shops that have staffing at that level, from IT to diagnostics and tooling. That means all the other repair shops are not taking that work or, if they are, they’re struggling through it. But Portland Automotive saw a need in the community and decided to invest time and training for the convenience of our community.  

Your Trusted Shop and Dealership Alternative

Our shop is open to customers and even body shops struggling to program or even cut keys for customers. We even have different key fob price points for you to choose from! We have consistently been your dealership alternative and continue to expand to save you time and money. Call or click to make your appointment for a new key or fob.