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Michael - Manager at Portland Automotive


Hello, I am Michael. I am the Manager here at Portland Automotive. I have 30 years of automotive industry experience. My specialty is building relationships and solving any issue a customer may have. My favorite car is a Chevy pick-up that can tow my boat.

Ted - Service Advisor at Portland Automotive


Hi I’m Ted and I am a Service Advisor at Portland Automotive. I have 25 years of experience in automotive repair and 5 years in service excellence. My specialty is customer satisfaction! My favorite car would be any Chevy truck and I spend my free time riding my Harley-Davidson.

Rasheam - Service Manager at Portland Automotive


Hi, my name is Rasheam and I am the Service Manager. My specialty is honest and quality customer service. I am always here to help and make sure we can fulfill all of your automotive needs. I have 25 years of experience and I would say my favorite cars to work on are Dodge vehicles.