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Thinking Future Forward

Portland Automotive has always been invested in our community and customers. Our staff is continually trained to be current on all repairs including electric and hybrid vehicles which are becoming more common.

GM, BMW, Toyota, and all other manufacturers have announced an ambitious plan to have 30 electric vehicles for sale by 2025 and imagines an ”all-electric” future. The savings, extended range and acceleration of electric vehicles (EV) make them an attractive option. The mix of consumer demand and automakers’ desires to produce such cars means a coming change for the types of cars rolling into repair shops.

Your Electric Vehicle And Hybrid Needs

In the case of current-generation and older EVs, the best way to ensure longevity is to have a battery inspection and any software updates that may be available, completed by a Certified Service technician. Remember, EVs contain different technology than your average vehicle, and all of our technicians are trained to troubleshooting your EV may require.

We provide a full spectrum of services for your hybrid and electric vehicles, the tools and expert knowledge to service and repair any component within a range of drivetrains, high voltage systems, and its traditional systems as well. Our Expert Technicians are trained to identify and fix all issues your vehicle may experience.

Our Dedication To You

Our technicians will use their training and knowledge to help keep your electric vehicle delivering maximum battery output. Not everyone can do that. But Certified Service experts can.

When your hybrid or electric vehicle requires service, we encourage you to consider Portland Automotive. We completely stand behind the quality and reliability of our electric vehicle and hybrid auto repair. Combine our knowledge and experience with our genuine care for you, your car, and the environment, and we think you will be hard-pressed to find another facility like ours in the entire nation. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.