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How To Jump-Start A Car

How To Jump-Start A Car

If your car battery is dead, you might think of just jump-starting it. Everyone knows how to do it, right? Well, not really, because it isn't as simple as it looks. There are several steps that we will share down below. Be sure to read and follow them carefully. What Does Jump-Starting Mean? Let's start with what it means. When you jump-start your car, you give it power from another vehicle's battery by using wires. Most of the time, this is done when your vehicle doesn't start or needs extra electricity. Steps For The Process We advise you to call a repair shop and have them do it instead-but if you are stranded or in a hurry, these are the steps you should follow: Park both cars next to each other and turn them off. Provide access to the batteries. Find the negative and positive terminals. Take out the set of wires - one is red and the other black. Connect the red clamp to the positive on the faulty battery Then connect the other red clamp on the positi ... read more