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The Heat is On!

The Heat is On!

The Heat is On: Caring for Your Transmission Does this sound like your driving habits? • Frequent stop-and-go • Driving in heavy traffic • Driving in dusty conditions • Driving on steep terrain This kind of driving takes its toll on transmissions. Yep… it’s trying to tell you something in transmission–speak, so listen up! Here are some audio clues that your transmission may be headed toward a breakdown. • Clicks • Buzzes • Whistles • Moans and Groans • Squeals and Screeches • Hums and Whines • Clanks • Grates and Rumbles • Chatters and Clunks Do you see a drip under your car? If it is reddish-brown in color, it may mean one of three things: leaking transmission, over-tightened pan gasket, or a leaking front seal. Do you smell something burning? It could possibly be your transmission fluid. Those of us in the automotive service and repair business recommend you exchange the fluid every 30,000 miles ... read more