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20 Essential Items To Carry In Your Car At All Times

With back-to-school season upon us, it is more important now than ever to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. The roads will be busy in the following months, and you need to be prepared for any situation that may arise unexpectedly. Whether you hit traffic, your car is broken down, or your child is not feeling well, come stocked with the right items. Here is a full list of essential emergency items to store in your vehicle:

  1. Flashlight 
  2. Batteries For Flashlight
  3. Reflective Triangle
  4. Road Flares
  5. Heavy-Duty Jumper Cables
  6. Jump Starter - Portable Power Bank
  7. Duct Tape
  8. Tire Pressure Gauge
  9. Air Compressor
  10. Bungee Cords or Rope
  11. Multi-tool
  12. Spare Tire
  13. Lugged Wrench and Jack
  14. Heavy-Duty Gloves
  15. Rain Ponchos
  16. Cable Ties
  17. First Aid Kit to include OTC medicine, ointment, bandages, gauze, etc. 
  18. Blanket
  19. Non-Perishable Snacks
  20. Water Bottles

Furthermore, we want to give an honorable mention to extra bottles of vehicle fluids. If you don’t regularly check under the hood, you might be caught off guard with low windshield wiper fluid. Or your car may leak coolant, requiring a top-off to get you to an auto repair shop without engine overheating. 


Regardless, the surest way to stay safe on the roads is by having your car, SUV, or truck regularly serviced. If your car is due for service, please feel free to call or fill out our online appointment form today. We look forward to seeing you at Portland Automtoive.