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5 Vehicle Sounds You Should Never Ignore

After owning and driving your car for a while, you get used to its normal sounds and how it operates. This is why most vehicle owners can just tell when there's something off about their car. A common way to know if there's something wrong with your vehicle is if it gives off an odd sound. The problems can range from big to small depending on the noise, where it comes from, and when you hear it. The best way to pinpoint the problem is by taking it to the automotive experts at Portland Automotive. Below are some of the most common car sounds that we've diagnosed:

  1. Chirping sound from a tire - This sound often happens due to a wheel bearing or axle issue. This can be hazardous as these issues can cause your wheels to loosen or lock up mid-drive.
  2. Grinding noise while braking - Metallic grinding can be considered normal after getting new brakes or driving in wet conditions, but they should not be making any noise on a normal driving day. In most cases, you probably need a brake pad replacement. 
  3. Hissing sound coming from the engine - A whizzing sound usually means that you have a leak in the cooling system, leading to engine overheating. It can sometimes be paired with smoke coming from under the hood. Please get your car to an auto repair shop immediately.
  4. Clicking or tapping noise coming from the engine - This noise can be heard when you have low oil pressure or experience engine overheating. 
  5. Loud exhaust - A loud exhaust sound simply means you have a leak within the system. In most cases, it is safe as long as you get the repairs done on time. However, if the catalytic converter is affected, you need to get your car to Portland Automotive as soon as possible. A damaged catalytic converter is capable of leaking toxic fumes into the passenger cabin.

As soon as you hear these unusual sounds mentioned above, please bring your vehicle to the professionals at Portland Automotive for a thorough inspection. We can help you determine the source and get you the necessary repairs to be back on the road safely again.