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The importance of tire rotations

The importance of tire rotations

Modern tires are so reliable that a lot of drivers forget to subject them to regular inspections and maintenance procedures. Tire rotation is one of the most ignored tire maintenance procedures. It simply involves moving tires from one position of your car to another. For instance, the front tires can be moved to the rear, and the rear tires moved to the front. Tires on the left side of your car can also be moved to the left and those on the left can be moved to the right. But why exactly is tire rotation necessary? Safe Driving If your vehicle tires are not rotated regularly, they will wear out unevenly, and this will lead to a number of problems. For instance, uneven wear of tires can negatively affect the handling of your vehicle and even the performance of the tires. It can also make your car unstable and consequently dangerous to drive. But with regular tire rotation, all the tires will wear out evenly, which means that your car will remain stable and safe to drive. Improved Fu ... read more