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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Here's Why You Should Adjust Your Headrest Before Driving

Here's Why You Should Adjust Your Headrest Before Driving

Once inside their cars, most drivers don't give their headrest a second thought before taking off. Despite the headrests being standard in most automobiles nowadays, they are a forgotten treasure for most people. The headrest isn't just made to be a comfortable holder to lay your head on. In fact, they are a safety feature that is supposed to protect your head and neck during an accident. Contemporary car models have evolved with more cushioned seats that are ergonomically shaped to fit your body; however, the headrest has always remained awkward yet fundamental to protect your rotation.    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, whiplash and neck injuries are the most common reported injuries in automotive insurance claims. Most often, instances of whiplash occur during rear-end vehicle collisions. When a car is hit from the back, the driver's torso moves forward so suddenly that their head lags in movement. The headrest helps prevent w ... read more