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Pros and Cons of Electric vs. Gas-Powered Vehicles

Pros and Cons of Electric vs. Gas-Powered Vehicles

Are you thinking of buying a car? Don't know whether to buy a gas(-)powered or electric car? There are some aspects that you should consider before making your decision. These are the environment, speed, driving range, and cost. Next, I will explain the pros and cons of gasoline and electric cars. Gasoline Cars Pros and Cons of Speed (+) They have a higher maximum speed than electric cars. (-) Some power is lost to the power train, and when that occurs, less torque is given. Pros and Cons of Cost (+) They come with a lower price tag than electric (-) More is spent on maintenance like oil and transmission fluid changes. Pros and Cons of Miles (+) With a full tank, they can go 250 to 300 miles. In addition, filling the tank does not take long. and you can find gas stations in many places. (-) You have to drive to the gas station to refill, and you cannot recharge it at home. Pros and Cons of the Environment ( ... read more