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Monthly Archives: February 2021

Is it Safe to Drive With the Oil Light On?

Is it Safe to Drive With the Oil Light On?

There is generally a reason for it when the oil light comes on in your vehicle and it's not something you should ignore. The oil light will usually come on to let you know that your vehicle is low on oil. While it may not be a danger to your safety to drive a little further once the oil light comes on, it is a danger to your vehicle to go over far. The engine has to have oil in order to operate and when you drive on low oil, you can cause damage to that most important part. Here are a few reasons why that oil light might come on: Low Oil Pressure The oil pump may not be circulating enough oil which makes your engine feel like it is not getting enough. You should get your car to the auto shop right away to get an inspection. Driving with low oil levels and pressure can damage the engine as a whole. The Need For An Oil Change Oil lights are handy because even if you forget to change your oil at the right interval, the oil light will issue a warni ... read more