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Monthly Archives: May 2021

What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

Speed bumps are necessary for controlling the velocity of our driving in subdivisions, on school property, and anywhere else where normal driving can threaten the health and safety of pedestrians. Extreme caution is warranted when driving over them, as they can result in damage done to your vehicle if proper precautions are ignored. The first thing that can get damaged is your shocks. This is true in situations where you could be driving over a speed bump so fast that the shocks don't have much time to really absorb the heavy impact. As a result, they could become damaged or bent to the point that you could lose hydraulic fluid. That's why it's best to drive over them at the lowest possible speed that you can. Damage to your vehicle's exhaust system may also happen. Since the exhaust pipe is located at the bottom of your car and right at the rear, it could just as easily bump it to the point where it might break the exhaust pipe or tear off the muffler. These events h ... read more