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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Maintaining “Old Faithful” Makes Dollars & “Sense”

Maintaining “Old Faithful” Makes Dollars & “Sense”

Maintaining “Old Faithful” Makes Dollars & “Sense”   Your car, “Old Faithful,” is paid off or almost paid off.  You toy with the idea of buying a new one, but would really like to keep using that monthly money for other things. You like the look and smell of a new vehicle, we all do, but does anyone really like the payments that come with it?  In today’s economy, people are thinking twice before financing a new vehicle that they may be able to do without until times are more stable. Taking better care of your current car definitely makes a difference in the long run when it comes to your finances. “We advise our clients that if they want a 10 percent increase on their investments every year, they need to cut down on their expenses. A new automobile is, for most people, their second biggest investment next to a home, so a great way to save money and increase financial assets is to hang onto their current vehicle rathe ... read more