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Do I Need Fluid Maintenance for My Car?

All vehicles depend on many different fluids in order to function optimally. The fluids usually serve a purpose to keep their internal components lubricated and support systematic functions. All drivers need to stay on top of the six essential fluids: engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windscreen wiper fluid, and antifreeze/coolant. If any of these solutions run low or the fluid is in poor condition, your vehicle could experience a handful of problems.


Importance of Fluid Maintenance

We highly advise that you inspect and measure your fluids periodically. The most frequent fluid service that you need to get for your vehicle is an oil change. You should have your oil changed approximately every 5,000 miles (depending on the type of oil). In contrast, your other fluids can last you a lot longer. 


To answer your question (the title of this blog), YES, every car needs fluid maintenance. There are two types of terms to remember concerning fluid care: fluid change and fluid flush. Most of the time, the average person will use these services interchangeably, but there is a distinction between the two services in the eyes of an automotive technician.


Fluid Change VS. Fluid Flush

A fluid change is a simple process, and it generally involves adding in fresh, new liquid. In oil changes and transmission fluid changes, your mechanic may also replace the associated filters during your appointment. A change is all that is needed whenever a solution is running low.

A fluid flush includes a more involved process where the whole fluid line system is flushed and cleaned. Everything in the pipes is drained and rinsed before the new solution is added to your car. This method removes all the nasty stuff, including impurities and debris, so the fluid lines are as clean as possible. It is generally recommended by a tech only if there is corrosion or clogs in your pipes. Contaminated solutions of any kind can lead to internal damage if left in your car for too long. A fluid flush is worth the additional time and money for the sake of your vehicle's health and performance. If your technician pushes you to get a flush done, the situation is probably more severe than you think.


At Portland Automotive, our expert team can give you their guidance on whether your vehicle requires a specific change or a flush. If you need fluid maintenance, please give us a call or visit today!