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How to Restore Your Headlights (DIY)

Have you ever turned on your headlights just only to get fuzzy and dim lights as a result? You go to check your headlights, and they seem to be working fine. You do notice that they are faint and give off a yellowish tint. A layer of filthy grime buildup covering both your headlights is sticky to the touch (gross). We're here to tell you that the fogginess of the lights is most likely due to oxidation. Luckily, it is a quick fix. We have the perfect methods to help you restore your headlights with simple items that you can find in any and every household.


How to Remove Oxidation and Restore Your Headlights

Before beginning the cleaning process, you need to gather three things: microfiber cloth, soap specially made for cars, and water. Additionally, you should pick one of the three cleaning agents below.


1) Toothpaste

Toothpaste, believe it or not, is a wonderful cleaning agent for oxidation. To restore your lights, apply the toothpaste directly onto the dirty lens. Proceed to use a dry cloth to buff it, and follow it with a water rinse after. 


2) Baking Soda

To use this method, you first need to mix baking soda and water to create a cleaning paste. It is important to note that the paste should have more baking soda than water to sustain a thicker texture. Once you slather the paste onto the light, you can start scrubbing. Just remember to rinse with water afterward.


3) Vinegar

Vinegar also has chemicals that are highly effective at polishing your headlights. You should, first, remove your lens and soak them in vinegar for at least one hour. After the soak, we advise that you scrub them with a cloth. Before you put them back, wash them a second time with the car soap to get rid of the vinegar scent.


These DIY cleaning tips are guaranteed to make your headlights look shiny and fresh again. Proper maintenance is essential for your headlights, and that includes detailed car cleaning. Without effective headlights, you would not be able to see at night, and other drivers would have trouble detecting your vehicle. If you need auto services, we welcome you to take your car to Portland Automotive Inc.