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How to Spot Car Fluid Leaks

Pulling your vehicle out of the driveway is cool until you notice an unusual wet, dark spot on the ground where you had parked it. You decide to have a close-up view and realize it is a puddle of some car fluid. While it is perfectly normal to see some vehicle fluids, others can indicate trouble. Luckily, you can differentiate different types of vehicle fluids just by their colors.

Here are some types of vehicle fluid leaks you should know;

Oil Leak

If you notice a black puddle or a small black stain, your vehicle is likely leaking oil. Initially, the oil is amber-colored but gradually turns black over time while lubricating the engine. An oil leak will likely occur at various gaskets and the oil pan.

Coolant Leak

A coolant or antifreeze leak is often noticeable by a bright orange, pink, or green puddle. And since coolants are highly toxic, you don't want your children, pets, and animals near coolant leaks. While coolant leaks were regular some years back, modern cars don't easily leak antifreeze unless there is a crack in the vehicle's cooling system.

Gear Oil Leak

If your car features a manual transmission or a differential axle, thick globs may appear under the vehicle. These thick globes have a nearly similar consistency and stickiness as honey. Typically, gear oil is very viscous and thus leaks very slowly at points where the gaskets are damaged along the transmission.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid leak appears as a red, dark red, or pink spot. The leak is common in automatic transmission vehicles. However, it is essential to note that transmission fluid often resembles other car fluids, but you can identify it if a puddle appears under the transmission.

Power Steering Fluid Leak

Failed gaskets and joints often lead to power steering fluid leaks in automobiles with power steering, which are most vehicles today. The fluid typically smells and looks like transmission fluid. So, if you notice a puddle smelling and looking like transmission fluid on your manual car, it could be a power steering leak.

Bottom Line

Brake fluid leak, wiper fluid leak, water, and gasoline are other common car fluid leaks. Since some fluid leaks can damage your car, the recommendation is to seek immediate professional help once you spot them.

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