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Is There a Difference Between Antifreeze vs. Coolant

Keeping your engine cooled off is considered a top priority; otherwise, your engine would overheat. Next thing you know, you're stranded with a vehicle breakdown on the side of the road. Your cooling system, which comprises of coolant, is in charge of keeping your engine stable. As a responsible vehicle owner, you need to monitor your coolant levels routinely. 


When it comes to the cooling system, you may hear people use the terms "antifreeze" and "coolant" interchangeably, but they aren't really the same to car enthusiasts and professionals. They may be the same in a casual setting, but you should know the difference to avoid any confusion. 


Antifreeze is a viscous, concentrated solution composed of alcohol (usually ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, or methanol), phosphates, or silicates. The chemical ingredients in antifreeze help relieve the high temperatures in your engine and contain anti-rust properties.


The liquid solution that ends up going into your car is coolant. Coolant is a fancy name for the mixture of water and antifreeze.This product is commonly what you find bottled up in auto retail stores. Again, it helps prevent your engine from overheating. 


6 Signs That You Need a Radiator/Coolant Flush

  • Your temperature gauge is reaching "H".
  • You notice coolant leaks from under your vehicle.
  • You hear a grinding sound.
  • You see that there is visible gunk or rust in the solution.
  • You notice steam emanating from your engine.
  • You pick up a sweet scent coming from your motor.

If you suspect that you need a coolant flush, please feel free to take your car to Portland Automotive today. Our professional team can inspect your vehicle for any problems and fix it from overheating. We welcome you to give us a call or visit our shop in Portland, CT, today.