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Most Common Fuel System Repairs

The fuel system comprises many parts including fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel filter, and more. These parts work together to deliver clean fuel to the engine at the right time and in the right amounts. If your vehicle is experiencing issues with this process, you will need to rely on a trustworthy auto repair shop to perform your fuel system repairs. 

At Portland Automotive Inc, we perform top-of-the-line fuel system services. Here are some of the most common repairs done at our auto service shop:

Fuel Injection Service

Fuel injectors are devices that spray fuel or gas in the combustion chamber. They can become leaky or clogged over time. When your engine gets too much or too little fuel, it can cause significant performance issues. Therefore, you need to have these cleaned or replaced to restore engine performance.

Fuel Pump Repair

If you catch random noises from your vehicle’s rear end, close to the fill-up area, you may be looking at a fuel pump repair. The pump is known for retrieving fuel from the tank. If your vehicle makes noises during acceleration and struggles to stay up to speed, you may need fuel pump repairs.

Fuel Filter Change

Rough idling, stalling, and an overall decrease in engine performance can be attributed to a dirty or clogged fuel filter. When this filter is no longer effective at keeping harmful particles out of your fuel, it can escape into the engine. Therefore, it is vital to keep the filter clean. Fortunately, this is a simple and affordable replacement.

If you are looking for dependable fuel system services and repairs in the Portland, CT area, look no further than Portland Automotive. We look forward to restoring your vehicle’s fuel system and getting you back on the road again soon.