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Signs Your Serpentine Belt is Failing

Have you noticed loud screeching or squealing sounds coming from under the hood of your car or truck recently? This can be a sign of impending serpentine belt failure. Your serpentine belt is one of the most important components of your car's engine.

What is a Serpentine Belt?

This "S-shaped" belt is part of a network of pulleys in your engine. Serpentine belts work with internal pulley systems to power internal engine components for alternators and air conditioning compressors. They also send power to water pumps and power steering pumps that cool and steer your vehicle.

If you hear screeching or squealing noises coming from the front of your vehicle, this is a sign of potential trouble under the hood. Your serpentine belt or other critical engine components cause this. Keep reading to learn how to recognize the signs of impending serpentine belt failure.

Signs Your Serpentine Belt is Failing

Is your serpentine belt failing? Most belts show specific signs before they break. The most obvious sign your serpentine belt is failing is noticeable wear and tear.

Noticeable Signs of Wear and Tear - Most automotive service technicians will perform a quick visual inspection of your engine, belts, hoses, and filters during regular service intervals or oil changes. If your service tech notices signs of cracking or excessive wear on the belt, this is a sign that your serpentine belt may fail soon and should be replaced.

Intermittent Power - When internal systems like power steering and air conditioning fail or function intermittently, your serpentine belt may be to blame. This is especially the case when important automotive systems suddenly stop working and then work again.

Engine Overheating - Is your car suddenly overheating with no explanation? Chances are the serpentine belt that connects to your water pump isn't doing its job. Take your car in for service with a certified auto mechanic if it suddenly starts overheating.

If your vehicle is showing any of the signs above you may need serpentine belt repair. Bring your car or SUV into our auto repair shop for service today!