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What Causes a Car To Overheat?

Some car owners have probably come across an overheating problem, especially when they need a driver. Apart from inconveniences and frustrations, car overheating can lead to unexpected vehicle breakdowns on the road. 

Multiple car engines operate at a temperature ranging between 195°F and 220°F range. Car owners should get insights on sources of car engine overheating and look for a professional auto engine mechanic to provide repair solutions. Some of the reasons leading to your car overheating are discussed below:

Cooling System Leaks

A small leak can turn into an expensive repair or a serious headache, and you probably don't want to experience it. Leaks in the radiator, freeze plugs, heater core, and thermostat housing can impact the entire cooling system. Car owners can identify leaks by looking under the car for drops on the ground. These leaks can make the coolant reservoir tank become empty, causing the engine to overheat. With the right coolant concentration level as well as constant checkups for leaks, overheating cases can be minimized.

Thermostat Failure

A thermostat is a key valve in the cooling system that permits the coolant to flow through the radiator as designed by the vehicle manufacturer. When the thermostat remains in a closed position, the coolant cannot flow and becomes overheated in the engine. Keeping your car's thermostat clean and adjusting it to fit the current temperatures ensures it stays in its perfect working condition, preventing incidents of engine overheating.

Bad Water Pump

The water pump works to ensure your vehicle has enough pressure to propel the engine coolant throughout the cooling system. A broken part of the pump or debris buildup in it prevents the coolant from moving through the water pump, triggering an overheating situation. When your car displays overheating features, you should look for a qualified car mechanic to inspect your water pump and offer necessary maintenance solutions, including draining your radiator, flushing it, and afterward refilling it with the proper distilled water.

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