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What Is ADAS & When Do I Need to Service It?

ADAS stands for "Advanced Diver Assistance Systems". This is a term coined for the various systems that give the driver more control, provide them with more information, and improve their parking and driving safety. 

With millions of cars on the road every day, automakers are continuously improving the safety of their vehicles. Nowadays, cars are required to have anti-lock brakes, but that's only the first of many advancements. The internet has made it possible for technology-driven measures, and now every newer model vehicle has a built-in computer system to increase your ride's safety.


A prime example that you may know of is backup monitors. These devices are equipped to see how much room they have behind them to back up. It has proven to prevent backup accidents in parking lots. With a camera and several sensors, anything seems possible in today's motor vehicle.


Adaptive cruise control is another technology that allows your vehicle automatically adjust to the traffic and conditions around you. It can alter the car's speed to maintain a safe distance around you and other vehicles. In worst-case scenarios, it'll even apply your brakes to avoid a collision to keep you safe.


Navigation systems are also becoming a norm in vehicles. They give visual and verbal cues that allow drivers to get where they need to go successfully. 


The examples above are just a few of the many various parts that can make up a modern vehicle's ADAS. The ADAS can fail after being involved in an accident or randomly without any warning at all. If this happens to you, it is necessary that you seek immediate repairs. If you need ADAS repairs in Portland, CT, please call or bring your vehicle to Portland Automotive.